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SC-2000USB is the professional system for creating personalized stamps.

It takes only a few minutes to make any type of stamp, complete with text, signatures, photos and logos. You can choose between 11 different stamp sizes and 4 colors: black, blue, red and green. The SC-2000USB is even more flexible thanks to the serial and USB interface and to the practical LCD display, where up to 15 characters can be displayed on one line.

The quality of the timbres is ensured thanks to the high resolution of 600dpi and the simple pre-inking, + 5 Stamps included

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From stamp manufacturers to copy shops, from Express Service to stationery stores or simply starting up a new professional activity, Brother's Stampcreator PRO ™ is bound to leave its mark. It is the simplest and most intuitive machine of stamps on the market, able to create re-inked stamps extremely quickly. This simple and revolutionary system consists of high quality components that ensure reliability and longevity of the product. And there's more: The Brother's Stampcreator PRO ™ is so compact that it is portable and takes up minimal space in any office or store. Simple to use Brother's Stampcreator PRO ™ is extremely simple to use. Only a few minutes are enough to create a professional and personalized stamp that will give you a distinct advantage over other competitors. You have the perfect system for an extremely fast and professional service: Stampcreator PRO ™ allows you to produce virtually any type of stamp required by your customers. Signatures, text, photos and logos can all be turned into pre-inked stamps. Thanks to this Brother machine you can transform into a stamp practically everything you can create with your computer. Total flexibility Not only your customers can have personalized stamps but they can also choose between 11 different sizes and 4 different colors: black, blue, red and green *. For more flexibility, more than 150 drawings are available in memory, which can also be used as a basis for creating a further design. It's really simple.

Features of the stamp:

¬ High quality ensured thanks to the professional resolution of 600 dpi

¬ Total flexibility: 11 different sizes and 4 colors available (Black, Red, Green, Blue)

¬ Pre-inks (no ink pads separated) to always reproduce clear, clean and dry images

¬ Virtually indelible ink. The duration of the correctly pre-inked stamp is equal to 50,000 reproductions ..

¬ Reliability: the image is in micro-relief so as to always reproduce the same precision of the contours.

¬ Simple, quick and clean reinchiostration

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